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  • Interview days have been described by some as "speed dating."

    You will likely meet with many people in the department over the course of the day, which may include the physicians in the practice, nurses, administrators, basic science researchers and others.

    This is the best opportunity to get a good sense of the culture and personality of the practice and the environment that you would be working in.

    What information should be presented and what questions should you ask?

    • Who will I work with?
    • Job specifics—Is there any flexibility to develop clinics that focus on personal interest areas? Inpatient vs. outpatient clinic, call responsibilities?
    • What special expertise do individuals bring to the practice?
    • Is early supervision and/or mentorship available?
    • Are there any unique or special services/resources available to patients through the institution? (i.e., telehealth services, support groups, interdisciplinary “one-stop-shop” clinics)
    • Are affiliated therapy services housed in the same clinic or at a nearby center/hospital?
    • How many physicians have left the practice in the past 3 years?
    • What information is available about the community/living area?

    Note: Face-to-face interviews are probably not the time to bring up specifics about compensation/benefits, etc. unless the interviewers address it first. Review MGMA data in advance to determine an approximate salary range for a physician with your skill set

    Interviewing tips

    ACP: Tips for the First InterviewAAFP: Interviewing 101

    After the interview

    • Take time to write down your thoughts, experiences, emotions, reactions and content of the day. It is much easier to refer back to your notes than to recall the experience later on.
    • Explore the city for a day or two following the interview. The practice may connect you with a local realtor.
    • Send thank you notes promptly to important people from the interview day.

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