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CNS membership is essential for neurosurgeons who want to stay current. Our programs are focused on the latest clinical advancements and the development of critical practice management skills. Join and gain access to premier educational programs and resources.

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Elevate Your Practice

Education from Classroom into Practice

Network with the World’s Top Neurosurgeons

Clinical Guidelines to Ensure Quality Care

Advocate for Neurosurgery in Washington

Membership Options Focused on You

Our membership includes multiple categories. Learn more about which type of membership meets your needs as a neurosurgeon, student or neurosurgery professional.

Membership as of December 2018
Active 3,860
International 1,109
Affiliate 140
Associate 59
International Vista Resident 184
Medical Student 426
Resident 1,796
Senior 1,272
Transitional 292
Honorary 7
Inactive 539
Total 9,684
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Take advantage of a wealth of career and networking opportunities available through membership. Serve on committees and guide the future of neurosurgery while developing your leadership skills.