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The CNS Journal Club podcast presents essential journal articles in a classic journal club format with conversations by the authors and other neurospecialists.

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The first selections in this series highlight key papers selected for presentation at the 2017 CNS Annual Meeting, October 7-11, 2017.

Recent Podcasts

Spinal Fusion for Pediatric Spondylolisthesis: National Trends, Complications, and Short-Term Outcomes

Podcast Length: 23:56

Analyzation of national trends and predictors of short-term outcomes in spinal fusion surgery for PS by performing a retrospective cross-sectional analysis of the Kids’ Inpatient Database (KID).

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Functional Outcomes and Delayed Cerebral Ischemia Following Non-Perimesencephalic Angiogram Negative Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Similar to Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Podcast Length: 22:26

A prospective, spontaneous SAH database of 1311 patients that accrued between April 2006 and December 2014 was screened. All patients with NPAN-SAH and 2 consecutive negative cerebral angiograms were included

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The Berlin International Consensus Meeting on Concussion in Sport

Podcast Length: 25:32

The Fifth International Conference on Concussion in Sport was held in Berlin in October 2016. A series of 12 questions and subquestions was developed and the expert panel members were required to perform a systematic review to answer each question.

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Developing an Algorithm for Optimizing Care

Podcast Length: 25:33

To investigate patient and treatment characteristics of elderly vs nonelderly patients and develop an algorithm to predict elderly patients’ survival.

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Comparison of 10kHz High Frequency & Traditional Low Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation

Podcast Length: 21:50

Comparison of 10 kHz High Frequency and Traditional Low Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation for the Treatment of Chronic Back and Leg Pain: 24-month Results From a Multicenter Randomized Controlled Pivotal Trial

PUFS Trial - Long-Term Clinical & Angiographic Outcomes

Podcast Length: 39:12

PUFS Trial: Long-term Clinical and Angiographic Outcomes Following PED Treatment of Complex ICA Aneurysms: Five-year Results of the Pipeline for Uncoilable or Failed Aneuryms (PUFS) Trial

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Cerebral Revascularization for Aneurysms in the Flow Diverter Era

Podcast Length: 26:31

Cerebral Revascularization for Aneurysms in the Flow Diverter Era

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ORACLE Stroke Study

Podcast Length: 24:03

ORACLE Stroke Study: Opinion Regarding Acceptable Outcome Following Decompressive Hemicraniectomy for Ischaemic Stroke

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Improved Function Following Deep Brain Stimulation for Chronic Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Podcast Length: 31:23

Improved Function Following Deep Brain Stimulation for Chronic Severe Traumatic Brain Injury 

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