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  • The application period for the 2023-2024 scholarship will be open from February 13 through March 13, 2023.

    Computational techniques are poised to revolutionize healthcare. CNS is an integral part of the movement! Apply for our CNS Guidelines Quality Scholarship.

    Rationale: Clinical practice guidelines are highly impactful on clinical practice and patient outcomes and relevant to neurosurgical training programs.  Several studies show the overall efficacy of guidelines and adherence to guidelines.  However specific to neurosurgery, there is a need for a more in-depth analysis of not only guideline adherence but the impact of guidelines on patient outcomes. This grant program will provide valuable training and experience to the award recipient.  The results of the project can also be used to assess the efficacy and impact of guidelines on patient outcomes.  Results can also be used to help advocate for treatments proven effective. 

    Program Description:  A resident/fellow (in their research year) will conduct a one-year project where they select guideline recommendation(s) from a published CNS Guideline and assess the impact of Guidelines on practice.

    One example of this can include using CPT codes to analyze data to determine if 1) neurosurgeons are adhering to CNS guidelines and 2) if CNS guidelines are improving patient outcomes.

    Other quantifiable proposals may also be considered.

    The program will be overseen by a mentorship committee. Once the scholar is selected and a research mentor is chosen, that person will join as the final member of the mentorship committee.

    The Scholarship will run through the academic year July 2023-June 2024 during which time the scholar will complete approved coursework, meet physically and remotely with his/her mentor, and complete a research project. After completion of the scholarship, the expectation is that this work will be submitted for presentation at the 2023 CNS Annual Meeting and a manuscript based on this work will be submitted to Neurosurgery. During the scholarship year, the scholar will join the CNS Guidelines and Quality Committees to help with broader aspects of guidelines and quality education for the entire membership and he/she will continue to serve on this committee for at least 1 year after completion of the scholarship.

    Application Process: The application will open in February with a deadline of March 13, 2023. Applicants should be neurosurgical residents in good standing with residency program support to spend 20 hrs/week on this project during the upcoming academic year. The committee will review the applications and ch0ose a CNS Guidelines and Quality Scholar for a term that will begin July 15, 2023. During the proceeding months, they will work with the selected scholar to identify a research mentor who will join as the final member of this mentorship committee. Together this group will help the scholar craft his/her curriculum and research questions based on prior experience and career goals. $12,000 of financial support will be available to support coursework, technical materials, and travel (to the CNS Annual Meeting).

    Funding: This grant is funded through support contributed by the CNS Foundation.

    Please contact Trish Rehring at with any questions.


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