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A Look Back



Following World War II, young neurosurgeons returned home looking to improve both their skills and the health of their communities. To meet these needs, the Congress of Neurological Surgeons was founded on May 10, 1951.

By the first Annual Meeting in November 1951, there were 121 members. In the over 60 years since, our membership has grown to over 8,000 neurosurgeons worldwide.

Naming the CNS

The goal from the beginning was to provide the best training to neurosurgeons and improve health around the world. Our name was chosen to reflect this international reach while also referencing our surgical focus, the central nervous system. Read more.

Annual Meeting Archives

Since 1951, the Annual Meeting has been an event to unite our membership at one location. This collaboration of neurosurgeons and honored guests has a rich history. 

Take a look back at our 60+ years of Annual Meetings

Walter E. Dandy Archive

Dandy was a pioneer of neurological surgery. We have preserved his place in history through our online archive. This collection includes: