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  • Biocompatible Amniotic Sac Implant Produces Fresh-like Conditions During Recurrent Glioma Surgery.

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    Ali F. Krisht MD

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    Meeting: Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2016 Annual Meeting

    Introduction: Dissection of brain surface adhesions during recurrent glioma surgery risks injury to the brain and important surface arteries and veins. We present our experience with biocompatible amniotic sac implant to prevent post-op adhesions.

    Methods: Amniotic sac implants were laid on the brain surface after resection of gliomas located in the vicinity of major surface arteries (sylvian fissure)l and major veins (parasagittal convexity). Both cases were re-operated on for tumor recurrence.

    Results: In both cases a new arachnoid like surface layer was formed. There were no dural adhesions at all. The new formed layer was easy to dissect of major surface arteries and veins.

    Conclusions: Amniotic sac implants have a promising role in preventing most surgical brain adhesions and decreases the risks of recurrent glioma surgery. It produced an impressive fresh, new case-like conditions.

    Patient Care: Prevents more surgical brain adhesions, decreases the risks of recurrent glioma surgery.

    Learning Objectives: Introduce a novel way of preventing more surgical brain adhesions. Learn a way to decrease the risks of recurrent glioma surgery. Produce fresh case conditions that can be used in other than glioma surgery.

    References: none

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