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  • «Сross Plastic» Neurotization at Patients With Proximal Damages of Peripheral Nerves.

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    Aleksandr Zaremba

    Study Design:
    Clinical Trial

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    Meeting: Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2016 Annual Meeting

    Introduction: In this research authors investigate results of surgical treatment by a method «cross plastic» neurotization at patients with proximal damages of peripheral nerves of the upper and low extremities.

    Methods: by Authors 40 patients are studied: 22 patients with damage of nerves of the upper extremities and 18 patients with damage of nerves of low extremities, from them 12 patients after primary reconstructive operations on nerves, 6 patients with postinjection nerve damage on proximal level, 16 patients with compression damage of nerves between October 2011 and December2015.

    Results: The average period of time from damage before nerve reconstruction a range from 2 about 4 months. At transfer of nerves of the upper extremities the average period of time from operation to NMG muscle restoration made 2,5-4 months. At neurotization peroneal nerve NMG signs appeared on the average in a range from 4.5 till 6 months. Use donors nerve and branches nerve ulnar, medianus, radial and tibial nerve considerably did not mention function of a brush and foot.

    Conclusions: In our researches patients by whom the given method is applied have shown the best results, at surgery use in the early period. We believe that at proximal nerve damages, even after primary reconstruction of a nerve, the quantity functioning motor axons in the damaged nerve is lowered, in connection with additional connection of a source reinnervation the functional condition distal a nerve side that affects a condition of a working muscle, and also on afferent arch of a sensitive site improves.

    Patient Care: The method purpose «cross neurotization» consists in maximising functional restoration denervation muscles with rather early reinnervation.

    Learning Objectives: The purpose of this research consisted in estimating results of a method cross neurotization applied at restoration of functions of a brush and foot at proximal damages of corresponding nerves.


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