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  • Challenges of Obtaining Maximum Education Benefit in a Resident Clinic

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    Gary R. Simonds MD; Joshua Todd Prickett DO

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    Meeting: Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2016 Annual Meeting

    Introduction: Regular outpatient experience is an ACGME required element of resident training. We sought to better understand the challenges and benefits of of such an experience through a dedicated "Resident Clinic."

    Methods: We reviewed 200 Consecutive Resident Clinic outpatient charts for patient demographics. We compared results with resident perceptions. We also reviewed financial performance and patient complaints of the clinic as opposed to Faculty and "ACP" clinics.

    Results: Patient demographics for the resident clinic: Avg patient age: 50-60, 57% male, 14% without any insurance, avg. BMI 36.9, # with spinal diagnosis 45%, avg # co-morbidities 6-10, avg. # of medications 6-10, # on narcotics 69%, # actively smoking 58%, # with psychiatric diagnoses 49%. Clinic demographics from the residents' perception. Faculty involvement and financial performance were limited.

    Conclusions: Most striking was the significant medical and psychological needs unrelated to neurosurgical issues of clinic patients. This suggested a need for greater general medicine and psychological/addiction support for optimal outpatient care. Despite challenges of the clinic residents felt the experience was excellent and vital for future professional performance.

    Patient Care: We identified a striking need for supportive services for general and resident neurosurgery clinics. We are also seeking to optimize resident training in the outpatient neurosurgical sphere.

    Learning Objectives: to better understand the challenges and benefits of the resident outpatient experience understand the demographics of general neurosurgery outpatient clinic


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