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Executive Committee

Our officers and executive committee are dedicated to advancing neurosurgery globally.

Name Title Term
Alan M. Scarrow President 2016-2017
Ashwini D. Sharan President-Elect 2016-2017
Gerald Grant Vice President 2016-2017
Steven N. Kalkanis Secretary 2015-2018
Ganesh Rao Treasurer 2014-2017
Russell R. Lonser Past President 2016-2017
Alex A. Khalessi Member-at-Large 2015-2017
Clemens M. Schirmer Member-at-Large 2015-2017
Henry H. Woo Member-at-Large 2015-2017
Brian V. Nahed Member-at-Large 2016-2018
Martina Stippler Member-at-Large 2016-2018
Nader Pouratian Member-at-Large 2016-2018
James S. Harrop Ex-Officio 2016-2017
Brian L. Hoh Ex-Officio 2016-2017
Elad I. Levy Ex-Officio 2016-2017
Shekar N. Kurpad Ex-Officio 2016-2017
Ashok R. Asthagiri Ex-Officio 2016-2017
Nicholas C. Bambakidis Ex-Officio 2016-2017
Regina Shupak CEO