Walter E. Dandy Letter 03/14/46

Today is rainy, the first wet day we have had. It’s a steady all day rain. Only three more days remain. There hasn’t been much unusual. Today Ed hired a drive yourself car and ran out of gas and oil half way to Jacksonville. He had a miserable day. Guess Walter is off to the north. I appreciate how he felt when the exams were over, although it’s many years since my similar experiences. I wonder if it wouldn’t be well to get a new car and sell this one at a fairly good price. It served you quite well! Tell Margaret I have enough shells to keep her busy for some time. The Gammons were here when you called and I gave them your message. We played bridge and enjoyed the evening. I was a little frightened when I heard your voice - but just for a moment.

You should see the full moon on the water. The swimming pool is open. By the way, I arrive at 11:15 Monday morning. I think I told you that Ed’s chauffer (white) will meet us. So you won’t need to meet me unless you wish. I have heard that Huggins wasn’t going to come. He was very depressed about it. He also told me that Randall was not certain that he was interested in heading the campaign for money for Hopkins if they were going to cut out the part-times.

Soon be seeing you. Big hugs to the little girl and all.