Walter E. Dandy Letter 12/01/40

c. Winter 1940

Just had a dip in the Arctic Ocean - Boy, was it cold! - like Maine. And the sun is shining bright and warm and clear. This is the third nice day this winter. It’s really a lovely place - not pretentious, but just right - as I see it now. Tell Margaret there are bushels of shells on the big beach, which is so hard and wide that autos now drive it.

Haven’t seen anyone I know. My berth mate was coming here, too. It’s such a nice train.

Bet Margaret will have a grand time on the train and then here. There is a swing on the beach under an artificial palm tree.

It doesn’t look as though I will need my tuxedo, but I guess you’d better bring the trousers along.

Let me hear about Father. I saw him in the bank yesterday and he seemed quite well. Will write him.

Am on my way out to play golf. There are lots of water holes - too many. It’s the 6th best course in the U.S.

It’s rather nice for a while not to know anyone. Can just read and loaf. Tell my little girls and my big boy I miss them and the big girl and Fagie.

If the weather stays like this, it will be just right. Took an hour’s sunbath this morning.

Saw a little girl just Margaret’s age as I am writing. Love to all my sweethearts and to angel (my little angel). No thumb sucking anymore.

x x x x Walter x x x x