Walter E. Dandy Letter 09/13/39

Here we are in the Pacific Ocean in a most lovely spot! The vegetation is so luxuriant, the colored flowers so beautiful. It’s probably the loveliest spot in the nation. Hawaiians are a simple, unsophisticated people who haven’t, or at least don’t seem to have, learned the meanness that shows so quickly in most people. They meet you at the boat with wreaths of flowers to throw over your neck. They call them “lei.” I had six before I reached the hotel, which is the finest hotel in the world. One eats dinner on a big veranda that looks out over the Pacific and one sees the surfboard men and women riding the waves into shore from far out at sea. They stand on the long boards and are carried along at a rapid pace.

The trip of five days on the boat was very smooth, hardly a white cap anywhere, in marked contrast to big troughs in the Atlantic. Hardly anyone was seasick. The weather was much like Florida, after the first day out of ‘Frisco, which was quite cold and foggy. We went out of the Golden Gate Bridge about dusk. Every evening at that time, the fog rolls in so dense you can hardly see the sides of the channel which is spanned by a magnificent long bridge. I remember so well in 1907 when I took the train to Palo Alto 30 miles away to escape the fog and cold and there it is an entirely different climate.

Will mail this soon so it will get away on the Clipper tomorrow and reach you two or three days later. Hope you are well. Show the enclosed picture to Sadie and the kiddies.



x x x x x xx for Mother