Walter E. Dandy Letter 09/05/39

It looks like I have suddenly become aged but it isn’t all that, the train is partly responsible. It’s very fast and very furious. We are speeding at a terrific rate for a train, 93 miles per hour. You can interpret that for the angel, who will doubtless say, “No - it’s eight.”

We spent a nice day in Chicago, played golf at Exmoor above Evanston. It was a lovely day. The cold is very much better today. Last night it was not so good, but better than the night before. Everything goes well - no submarines yet. Did you get caught in a big storm? It looked black when we left.

We have just crossed the Mississippi River. Tell Margaret it’s a mile wide - not two of her feet! How are my little girls - they looked very sweet at the station - all four of them. Hope Walter’s engine is working smoothly. Guess we will have to go up in his plane - when Mommy is not so old fashioned. Since you can’t read this, it doesn’t matter what I said. Tell Margaret to remember her bargain. Tell her to give it to Sue if she fails me. She was so sweet at the hospital in her little yellow dress. Have you all been to the Timonium Fair? Wish I could be with you. Not more than three rides on the merry go round. Tell Miss Shauck to send me an air mail to Hawaii with all the news. I wish you were along, but since the kiddies are so irresponsible it’s better that one of us stay home. Even if it is has to be my little girl. I miss you and my little kiddies. I hope you are well. Was happy about the good report on Walter’s eye. I hope they all get primed for a good start at school. Who will rub my head now and when I get back?

Love & kisses to all my Sweethearts - Tell Daddy hello -

Walter x x x x x x x x x x x