Walter E. Dandy Letter 03/06/38

Have just arrived - met at the station by Dr. Baker. It’s a very nice place. Soon be in for a swim and golf this afternoon. Got hot on the train very quickly yesterday (not today!). At Richmond, the jonquils were out. In North Carolina, the peach trees in full bloom and in South Carolina the gardens were up.

Wrote an article on Experimental Vertigo yesterday and slept 12 hrs. Had two nice dinners in Philadelphia. Stayed at Mrs. Shaeffers dinner ‘til it was over, then went to the Brexels in time for the speeches: it was very large and a very excellent group of speakers. The President of the AMH spoke of Miss Hager and her drawings on Brain Surgery. Saw Cushing and many others.

Tell Margaret the train had 19 cars and didn’t stop from Richmond to Jacksonville except for water and coal. They are real choo choos. Sorry Walter can’t come back again this year. Also the “little girls”. Had a nice trip to Washington on the private car, nice big room to myself. It’s hot and sunny here. Will soon get sunburned and feel tip top.

Love and kisses to all my little family. Suppose Margaret is dry at night.

x x x x Love Walter x x x