Walter E. Dandy Letter 03/08/37

You should see my red face and body - and no upper bathing suit! But you can’t go around the golf courses without a shirt! Have already had a good rest. Your friend Bob Harris and wife had Ben Baker and myself out for a dinner at a nightclub where we saw Lopez and Richmond (who flew the Atlantic) - doubtless both familiar names to you and the kiddies, but all a void to me. There were some trick jumpers from the circus which hibernates near here.

Have just come from a lecture by McFadden -- print of which I enclose. The large room was filled, people bulged from every door far out into the corridors and many turned back - and such nonsense I haven’t heard since I was a boy! And he is so sincere - no charges. He is failing in physique and now looks older than his age - 70. He flies his own plane. Swooped around the beach as we were bathing – great showman, always looking for the limelight. He is trying to interest Baker in the medical side of his hotel and is said to have money to give away.

Am going to [S___? ] tomorrow to watch the airplanes come in (I on the ground!!)

Mr. Miller whom I operated twice for a brain tumor is here with his yacht and failing fast. I suspect a carcinoma of the stomach, but hasn’t been proven. He has been a threat on my vacation. Am going to see him tomorrow. His niece, Dr Ella Oppenheimer - is here - flew down.

Haven’t heard from Palm Beach. I couldn’t fathom it either. Guess it’s all wasted - I got the M.H. I’ll call her sometime. Went to Hollywood to play golf. That’s where we went to the Florida State meeting a few years ago and the car broke down en route.

Tell Walter he didn’t write down all the places of interest to see – and I’m stranded. Hope he has a good trip on the train and a good sleep in it. Such a way of having a good time! Mary and Kitty are certainly having a grand time at parties! Does the angelic rascal keep dry at night? Don’t let her forget her daddy! Her habits will doubtless be so improved when I return that I shall scarcely be welcome - except to Lilly!

Lots of love & kisses nonetheless -

x x x x x Walter x x x x x