Walter E. Dandy Letter 06/03/28

I shall never forget that wonderful sight of my little girl and boy running down the station platform as the train was pulling away. Nor can I forget the little Titian with her boundless smile when her daddy held and caressed her to her great delight and then sink into tears, when the inevitable departure must come. I miss my little family, each with their assets and appeals and none with their liabilities (even Walter!) He did have a good time watching the choo-choos roll in, didn’t he? Has he been discoursing on them?

It is quite cold and raw in this wild country, but it was good sleeping last night -10 hours - even though two blankets were necessary in my customary upper berth. We are now rolling along at a good clip and approaching St. Louis. I do wish my little girl could be with me. The joy of the honor can never approach that which it would be if she were along. I believe my little girl would get a greater thrill than I. But I will have her in mind at the time and the other little anchors too, who are dragging her away. And I shall be looking forward to facing the East again with my little sweethearts three before me.

With kisses many and all my love to Sammy, Walter, and Mary Ellen – and Jack?