Walter E. Dandy Letter 08/19/26

I'm afraid my little girl would rather be home on these two rainy days, but it would probably be rather gloomy anywhere. We'll have to arrange somehow to take a weekend off together at Ocean City. If you wouldn't take that boy so seriously, it would be easy. You see mother raised one boy better than you could hope to do!! And she would probably do pretty well for such a short time. You know methods are all bad, it's individual care that counts!! How did you ever happen to ask my advice about that bad boy's medical care? I'll bet you were a little lonesome and just wanted a little cheer from your other boy, didn't you, now?

Have been very busy - six operations today and patients all afternoon yesterday and today.

Last evening I got some good rye bread and crabs and we had one of those gorgeous feasts of which you are aware. After dark, I drove mother and father around the house. The windows are all in and almost brick cornered. It looked good in the dark and it looks bigger now. The garage foundation is in, too. I think we ought to cut down that big old tree. It's going to catch moisture and make the rooms damp - and your boy gets rheumatic and it's no beauty anyhow.

I ought to go to NY tomorrow and get some more instruments. I wish my girl were here with me. I miss her every morning so much. Perhaps I can run up, but don't expect me until I come.

Love and kisses to my girl and bad boy.