Walter E. Dandy Letter 05/13/25

It's such a wonderful thing - the most wonderful of this world's possessions to know that wherever you may be, there is someone always thinking about you and of some way to help you. That has always been my fortune, far more than falls to the lot of most people. And somehow I seem to realize and appreciate it more with each passing year. How much you have both done for me, and how much you have sacrificed to do it and never once looked at this sacrifice, but always at a farther and higher goal. Long ago I realized that greatness was not frills and superficialities, but the real true blues of unselfish devotion.

How fortunate I have been in selecting my little girl. Few men have so much to be thankful for. She has been so sweet and unselfish and so eager to help. She seems so forgetful of herself. In so many ways, she makes me always reminiscent of my other little girl - who happens to be Father's, too.

We have just been passing through Iowa. In many ways, it is the prettiest country I have seen, so fertile and productive - its beautiful country homes and fine big barns - country much like England, but far better cultivated. But after seeing it all, there is nothing so beautiful and not nearly so wonderful as our own back yard. I wrote an article today and should have two nearly finished when I get back. It's a perfect spring day - the air is pure. In many ways I am carried back to Columbia, where I am eager to go again. As to Sedalia, I am not so sure. It depends on how soon I can get away from Des Moines.

With all my love and kisses to the sweetest mother and dearest father.

x x x x x Walter