Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/15/27

So yet there have been few moments when the thoughts of the dearest little girl have not been present and always uppermost. How much more would I prefer to be home even working, but with the prospect of home in the few hours ahead at most - a new sensation for one long bored by the sensation of a trip.

The sumptuous dinner on the Capitol Limited was as nothing compared to that prepared by my little girl gowned in her dainty apron and blessed by her happy and inspiring self alongside - and all even for intrinsically superior in addition - and all from a "mere child of 23." Looked at materially, it seems incredible, but it is only evidence that the great forces which are at work transcend all material conceptions. It doesn't seem right not to have my sweetheart along, but such joys must be foregone. So much is sure, we must be content with some privations now and look to the future. I am already looking forward to the new thrills on the return home to the dearest girl in the world. Many kisses. Good night to my little Sammy.