Walter E. Dandy Letter 01/21/23

I am at the farthermost part of my journey. Arrived here last night at 10:30 PM, having left Paris at 2:00 PM the day before. It is just a month since I left home and it has surely been a month of great events. Leaving Paris with spring-like weather. Toward night we passed into the mountains into Switzerland (the Alps), but saw none of them till morning when we reached Austria. These were the Tyrol Mountains and were everywhere covered with about a foot of snow. It was very beautiful everywhere. The mountains extended all the way to Vienna.

There had been a heavy snow in Vienna a few weeks ago and the streets are full of slush and old snow where it has been piled up. But little remains of it except for this. The hotel is very nice and comfortable. The people very nice. And everything goes well. The sleepers are quite different from the American ones but they are very good and nearly as comfortable. Everything is compartment plan, which is hardly as nice. The Austrians are probably the best cooks in the world. The dinner on the diner was delicious. Much better than in France.

There isn't the meanness and selfishness about the Austrians such as one sees in the French. They are most polite. They have raised prices in Austria until they are nearly the equal of America. France is now the only place where living is cheap and it is very cheap. Germany is as expensive as America now. Probably before long, France will raise the prices to reach the loss in exchange. Money is counted in kronen and to make them worth anything, they are raised into thousands. A bill calls for 100,000 kronen which means 1¼ dollars of American money. Dinner last night cost 100,000 kronen, etc. Formerly a kronen was worth 20¢, so you see how far money has fallen.

Shall meet Professor Eisenberg, one of the famous surgeons today. Don't know how long I shall stay, but continue to send letters to London. Miss Cannet will probably go to Florida in February.

Love and Kisses,

Walter x x x x x x x x