Walter E. Dandy Letter 06/12/10

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

June 12, 1910

My Dear Son,

…Sorry you will not have a longer time at home. Try and get a month at the least. We were pleased to hear of Cushing being so pleased with your work and also pleased to hear you had gained so much as to stand seventeen in your class. You must have done some good work to jump over 9 men. I am glad you were inside the limit for an internship, even if you did not want it.

Papa has just gone to make another trip and if he does as you say he has not many more to make. I don't believe he will worry much about having anything to do. If you will keep him supplied with the Appeal and Wilshire's etc. he can get along very well without having anything to do. Why couldn't he when he can have every nights sleep and 3 meals a day and all the Silvereens he cares to wear. Don't you think he will be all right.

Papa is anxious to know who the surgeon was that sent him such good news about you.

I phoned to Mrs. Gornal a little while ago to hear if she knew anything about a fight the machinists and scabs had the other evening at the shops. She hadn't heard, only that a few got hurt.

She said Polly Foraker had got a stone in front of there house and had the name Foraker on it. Polly told us she was going to have it done, but we did not think she would have the nerve to do it. The mother said she did not care whether they did or not. Polly wrote to Stanley and told him what she was going to do and he said she had lots of gall to do it. I think it was unkind of Polly to ignore her mother to such an extent.

Well I am sure you are happy now. You ought to be the happiest boy on earth. Such fine prospects ahead of you.…

Your loving Mother