Walter E. Dandy Letter 12/01/09

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

c. December, 1909

My Dear Boy,

…Walter, I feel rather sorry to think that the clerk or registrar you speak of at Johns Hopkins got in trouble account of you. If I understood it right he told you for your advantage about your grades so you could have it remided did he not. If he did I would help him to get out of his trouble if I was in your place.

Well I trust you get what you desire in working for Dr. Cushing. It would be to bad if you missed it seeing you enjoy it so well. At the same time we can't all have all we want. Some of us must take what we can get and if unsuccessful in getting what we want we must try and get the next best thing. I think we value a good thing more if it has been hard to get. The old saying come easy go easy is often the case. I feel satisfied that you will get what you desire for I believe you will dig hard to get it. Then you can feel proud over it for you will have justly earned it.

Did we understand in your last letter right. We concluded that you had been teaching surgery in Dr. Cushing's class. If so that looks good. Well I must close as I have filled 2 sheets, so goodbye and God bless the best boy on Earth which is my boy.

Your affectionate Father