Walter E. Dandy Letter 12/20/09

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

December 20, 1909

Well My Dear Boy,

…Sorry you take reverces so hard. You remember about crossing the Rubicon. You have a long time to live and you will have many to cross and if you never get them worse than this you will do well.

I think now of Benjamin Disraeli who became the Prime Minister of England. He was once speaking at the street corner of one of Londons streets and the crowds hised him. He did not get discouraged but defied them and told them that the world would have to listen to him someday and it did.

Their are very few men of importance that can go through life without being imposed on and I expect you to get it like the rest. It reminds me of one time you came home from school when you was quite small and one of the teachers had not graded you as you thought she should. And you was vexed. And afterwards you was defient and said with rage in your little face I can beat her. So you had better repeat the dose in this case. And if you feel that the professor done you wrong try and explain the things to him. It may be his oversight.

In the little case of mine with awer Chairman about giving me 9 and 10 etc., he turned me down. I was vexed. I showed letter to Walter Letts.… He said we could not do anything but grin and bear it and Mama said I used to tell you that the Rubicon must be crossed and she made fun of me because I took it so hard. But she sympathises with you. So you have one freind at least and I could name another that will never go back on you. But your Papa had to go it alone and I got my English and Mama's Irish up and I wrote him a schorcher and it made him take notice and he has got them working on my ideas. And I am optimist enough to believe that victory will crown my efforts.

So don't be discouraged my boy. If you can't get them one way try them some other and if he won't change his decree on your first years grades show him by your works the next year what you can do. We used to sing a song when I was a boy. It run like this: Remember the grass that is troden under foot, give it time, give it time, it will rise again. You have got good health, have demonstrated good mind in the past. And your father and mother will always back you to their limit. And while it is nice to see good grades in your school days and we have seen them and satisfied with them, yet these are only small tokens of what we expect.… For I think the fruit is far ahead of the blossom.

You have often told us you would not try for grades any more. And of course we did not expect perfection of you all the time. You will have to learn the lesson I learned in my school days. Of course I did not go as long as you have done and you may have learnt better lessons. But mine was good. Just the same it read if at first you don't succeed try again. Then try again and in addition I would suggest that you would set your face like flint and defy them who has unjustly dealt with you and tell them to do the worst they can to you and still you will show them that you are their peer and that you will scatter them like the sun drives away the mists.

I had better close for fear I will want to come fight some of your teachers.…

Your affectionate Father