Walter E. Dandy Letter 06/07/09

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

June 7, 1909

My Dear Boy,

We got your 2 letters yesterday morning just as I got home from a nice trip. They was just in time or rather a little late as Mama was beginning to increase her digestive troubles by woring if you had got back from Getysburg. Or if some one was holding you up in the slums of New York. But as soon as the letters arrived you was the best boy on earth and all the good things in earth are for you.

She sent me upstairs yesterday to get some jelly. Any kind would do. So I brought what turned out to be crabapple and eating it this A.M. It was so good she thought she would keep it for you as you don't get any of it and it would be nice for you with some home made bread and good butter.

Well I was pleased to hear of your success in being amongst the first 10. Also your success in casting lots for place. But it looks to me as though you was right in the swim when you got the concesion from Dr. Cushing to work for him. And while I don't know what it is you do I hope it will not be long till you are able to demonstrate to him that you know your business and that he made no mistake in letting you work with him. It must have taxed the limit of your nerve to follow him in order to get to work with him.

Say if your new business is what they call aleineast [analyst] or rather a person determines if a man is crazy or not, I want you when you come home to tell me if N.J. Finney is not crazy. I don't think you need be very proficient in order to do it. The last time I went south he was at Nevada on the platform with his watch held up and makeing gestures of satisfaction because we was on time. He comes over to the engine when we stopped. The fireman was buisy cleaning his flues. Of course he had the blower on and I was on the other side and Finney told him to shut of the blower. It was makeing to darnd much noise. The fireman paid no attention to him. So he meets me. as I was coming round and says good morning John quite fussey or pleased. Then he says "John what as the fireman got the blower on for.… I say he will be cleaning of his flues. "Oh excuse me. Give me your hand John. I want to shake hands with you." The conductor can read ordors and was ready to go. Just as we was leaving the auditor was on the steps and he shouts to him charge everybody 3 cents.

Well my little Boss just read the other peice of this letter and she says to tell you she is feeling good as you would not beleive her. I think she is pretty good. But you insist on your instructions being carried out. Expecialy washing and ironing.

Your affectionate Father

P.S. No news of Pass as yet, but think it will be on time. I have to stem berries for short cake when I finish this.