Walter E. Dandy Letter 01/05/09

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

January 5, 1909

My Dear Son,

…Was glad you enjoyed everything so well, and that you had a nice time. I am glad everything was good, but I don't believe you would let me now if it wasn't good. When did the box arrive?

Papa went up to Engineer [Street] to catch the mailman yesterday morning. Could not wait till noon but there wasn't any from you. It came in the afternoon after he had gone. He has been very anxious to hear about that lecture you had to give the anatomists, and you never said a word about it. I don't believe it is Papa needs jacking up, it is somebody else.

I was glad you went to that reception, would have liked to have seen you in full dress. How did you look? I would have liked to have heard all particulars about it. What good things you had to eat and how you were entertained. It is a wonder a borrowed suit would fit.

I have just been to see Mrs. Gornal. She is sick in bed. She had Dr. Cole. He said she had plurisy. Came pretty near having pneumonia. She was tickled about getting a card from you. Gornal is doing the cooking and work and looking after the boarders. She is some better today.

Mrs. B. and Stanley came up Sunday, stayed a few minutes. Stanley has got to be local surgeon for the Pacific at Cole Camp.… He gets a pass over the road. He was very proud about it. He says it is a hard life, country practice. A man can't last over 10 years at it. One of the Cole Camp doctors has consumption and is going to Mexico, and he says Schwald has an awful cough. He says he came home one night wet through, had to take his flannels off and wipe himself. He says Schwald has $2,000 on his books to collect. He will have a hard time to collect it I should think. Stanley says he is going to stay 10 years, then buy a farm. He wants to make some money now.

Ervie's wife came with the milk the other morning. She said Mrs. Meyers had been telling her that we wanted to buy this place. She said Ervie wanted to buy a place and she wanted to know how much we wanted for it. I told her I would find out and let her know. Papa says he will take $900 for it.…

I had a letter from my sister Mrs. Williamson. She says she is still greatly troubled with her hands sleeping. If you can find out any remedy let us know and I will write her. She says my brother's wife's sister died in South Africa with 4 hours sickness with what the doctors called a floating kidney. Do you know anything about what would cause that? She was to have been married at Easter.

I am very glad to hear you go to a bible class. Hope you will go every Sunday.

Glad to hear such compliments over your model. I thought you were on the list to speak. But we never heard whether you did or not. Would Dr. Mall pay you if you stayed to help him? Could you get an internship this summer, or not until you graduate?…

Your loving Mother