Walter E. Dandy Letter 03/01/08

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

c. Spring, 1908

My Dear Boy,

…We feel the time near till we see you. Mama was wishing she would feel as good when you come home as she does now so she could cook for you. She is feeling good and looking fine. Could you find her a nice hat in Baltimore that don't resemble a wheel barrow upside down?

Well my boy things on the road are about normal. Been on time for a long time with heavey trains and good runs. I like the runs better all the time. I see from the Parsons paper where all the big Katy officials met in Dallas to perfect arangements for the new trains (passengers), also where some of the new passenger engines have left the works. Should be here in about 10 days.

I saw Stanley Battersby on Ohio Street this A.M. He did not see me. He was with another young man. He looks well, has side burns wiskers on his face. Well I think I had better close as I have a few more jobs to do for Mama before I go out this P.M.

Your affectionate Father