Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/20/07

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

November 20, 1907

My Dear Son,

Your letter received yesterday and noted its contents with pleasure, and especially where you were going to buy me so much with so little. I had a good laugh over it. But let me say when you start in to buy for Mrs. Dandy now you will have to dig deeper than your imagination. Mrs. Dandy is now a dressy woman. I called on Mrs. Jakeman the other day and she was bragging on my pretty dress how neat it was.

Just to show you what I mean, I wanted a pair of nice easy house shoes. I went down and got a fine pair for 39, now you can call that either cents or dollars but I'll bet it is like you to say 39 cents and I bought Papa two shirts 15 each. Now there is a problem for you to figure out which it was 39 cents or 39 dollars. Shirt 15 cents or 15 dollars. Send the answer as soon as convenient.

Papa was so proud of his shirts he would not put his coat on. He said the people would not see his nice shirts. Maybe that will help you a little to solve the problem.

You say I ought to have known you were O.K. when you sent a P. card. That was no evidence at all as you wrote me a long letter when your head was cut in Columbia.…

Your loving Mother