Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/13/07

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

November 13, 1907

My Dear Son,

Your letter received yesterday on time. Glad you were not in another argument so as we could hear from you. Glad to hear you were well enough to walk 25 miles, which seems to me a very great undertaking to walk so far.

I was surprised at the rainy weather you are having there. Here it is fine dry cold weather like the middle of winter, ice pretty near thick enough to skate on.

Business is slack on the Katy. Papa lost yesterday. Letts & Putty has got the turnrounds from Franklin. Papa is expecting word any time to go on the Flyer. He wants to go on it now and I believe I would rather he would go on it. It oughtn't to be as hard as the runs to Mokane.… I think he will be on it the next time we write to you. J.K. Smith took the run Wingar used to have.

You want to know about going to England. Well we would feel more like it if you could go and stay. We are still in the same mind if we can get things straightened without any great sacrifice. Papa says he has got to like the Flyer very much. If he stays longer than this summer I think it will be time for him then to get his Jersy cow and chickens and automobile.…

Polly B. came in the other morning.… She wanted to know how you were and if you would be home for Xmas. I said I did not know. You might never come to Sedalia any more. She said we ought to go there. Have you decided to come home at Xmas? Did Polly answer your letter? Mrs. Meyers don't want to buy this place. Not much good to try till Spring (to sell it).

Your loving Mother

What are your hours for reading. Do you get good meals. Are you still gaining in flesh. They did not issue any Democrat last night, some trouble with the power.

I called to see about your wheel. He had not sold it. He says he has been asking $14 for it. Goodbye sweetest boy on earth.