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Self-Assessment in Neurosurgery

SANS is an interactive educational curriculum designed to reinforce current practice patterns and recognize knowledge gaps, making it a critical component of certification maintenance and residency training curriculum. 

Particularly helpful for residents working toward full certification, our extensive bank of peer-reviewed questions offers a comprehensive review of clinical applications across neurosurgical specialties, as well as several non-clinical core competencies. This allows residents to assess their strongest areas of neurosurgical knowledge and identify areas for further study and growth.  

With Residency program license, you'll receive reporting that provides visibility into individual performance (strengths/deficiencies) and program performance compared to national averages, allowing you to provide one-to-one feedback, guidance, and assistance to better position residents for success.

Coupled with the SANS Written Boards Module Bundle, the Residency program license becomes the single most comprehensive study resource and exam preparation tool available for the primary certification exam. 

Quality Science Curriculum

In addition to SANS, we are excited to offer Quality Science Curriculum (QSC), a new online tool to help residents understand the importance and value of nonclinical ACGME milestones. QSC is a simple, turn-key training solution your program can implement today to address ACGME milestones in 5 non-clinical domains, via 10 narrated presentations with companion pre- and post-test question assessments. 

Products avalible for residency programs to purchase as institution licenses:

SANS Written Board Module Bundle—NEW! $300 per user
SANS Neuropathology $60 per user
SANS Indications $100 per user
SANS General Exam $100 per user
SANS Functional Module $60 per user
SANS Pain and Peripheral Nerve Module $60 per user
SANS Pediatric Module $60 per user
SANS Spine Module $60 per user
SANS Trauma Module $60 per user
SANS Tumor Module $60 per user
SANS Vascular Module $60 per user
Quality Science Curriculum (QSC)  up to 10 users $500 
Quality Science Curriculum (QSC) 11 or more users $1000

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