Case-based Discussion Sessions Provide Collaborative Learning Opportunities

Brian L. Hoh, MD, MBA

One of the most appealing and important aspects of the CNS Annual Meeting is the ability to learn and collaborate with your peers. Hearing an outsider’s perspective or considering views beyond your own allows a truly comprehensive look at a case. That’s why this year, we’ll feature interactive, case-based panel discussions directly relevant to your care for patients, and will immediately influence your practice.

Attendees will provide case submissions to be analyzed live in Boston, October 9–10, creating a greater role for our audience. Management and surgical approaches will be discussed by both a panel of experts as well as the audience. You’ll hear and see alternative, and sometimes opposing, managements and surgical approaches. Be encouraged to offer some of your own.

Cases with controversies and debates will ensure a lively discussion and wide participation. We’re confident the two-hour sessions will allow you to return to your practice with valuable, relevant knowledge to impact your patients. These sessions are included with your registration, so make sure to join us!

Case-based Discussion Session Topics:

Monday, October 9, 4:15–6:15 pm

Cervical Trauma
Traumatic Brain Injury
Management of Trigeminal Neuralgia
Incidental Discoveries on Pediatric Neuroimaging
Pituitary Tumors


Tuesday, October 10, 4:15–6:15 pm

AVM/Dural Arteriovenous Fistulas
Adult Degenerative and Deformity
Thoracolumbar Spine
Revision Spinal Surgery or Neuromodulation
Management in Pediatric Athletes
Stereotactic and Functional
Brain Metastasis