Introducing the CNS Rapid-exchange Oral Presentations Sessions

James S. Harrop, MD, FACS

Each year, the Annual Meeting Committee spends a considerable amount of time and effort to meet our members’ needs in providing the most relevant informational and educational forums. Significantly, one area in which membership expressed an interest was in expanding the original science program. The call for an increase in abstract content comes at a time when the meeting schedule is very compact. The answer was to increase the number of oral presentations while simultaneously decreasing their time allotment.

We are pleased to introduce the new Rapid-exchange Oral Presentations Sessions, which will add 78 new oral presentations that are each just three minutes in length. The shorter time frame will allow for stimulating and quick-moving sessions that transfer a good amount of content. The sessions will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, with the number of presentations divided evenly between the two days. Topics will be grouped by subject and presented in four different rooms simultaneously. This convenient format allows you to attend the presentation which is most appropriate to your practice, rather than bouncing from room to room to hear various topics by subspecialty.

Tuesday, September 27
4:45–5:15 pm

Session 1: Cerebrovascular, Pain, Pediatric
Moderators: Robert F. James, Elias Boulos Rizk

Session 2: Spine and Peripheral Nerves
Moderator: Kevin S. Cahill

Session 3: Stereotactic and Functional, Neurotrauma and Critical Care
Moderators: Kathryn M. Beauchamp, Uzma Samadani, Sameer A. Sheth

Session 4: Tumor
Moderators: Jennifer A. Moliterno Gunel, Nader Sanai

Wednesday, September 28
3:15–3:45 pm

Session 5: Spine and Peripheral Nerves
Moderator: John K. Ratliff

Session 6: Pediatric, Pain, Cerebrovascular
Moderators: Andrew F. Ducruet, Meysam Ali Kebriaei

Session 7: Tumor
Moderators: Orich Bloch, Jason Heth

Session 8: Socioeconomic, CSNS, Stereotactic and Functional, Neurotrauma and Critical Care
Moderators: Gregory W.J. Hawryluk, Alan S. Hoffer, Nader Pouratian