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  • International Division Update

    Authors: Clemens Schirmer
    Daniel J. Hoh, MD

    The Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) aims to serve its members, not just domestically but also worldwide. The International Division is `one of the outward facing functions of the CNS and we recently underwent a recalibration of the CNS international strategy. Building on our strengths in neurosurgical Education and Leadership we are engaging international neurosurgeons on multiple levels and offer multiple touchpoints.

    The Annual Meeting International Partnership has long been a centerpiece of our International focus. We are excited to be partnered with the Japanese Congress of Neurological Surgeons (JCNS) in 2019, and kicked our partnership off with a successful CNS/JCNS Vascular webinar back in May.

    In San Francisco, we will offer three parallel sessions with specific international focus in an exclusive time spot. Featuring internationally acclaimed speakers, not only from our meeting partner, the JCNS, but also from other countries and from the US, these symposia are one of the most anticipated highlights of the meeting. The topics of the three sessions will be centered on neurosurgical oncology, functional, and vascular. Unique to the oncology session will be content spanning the entire spectrum of oncology from mapping to endoscopic skull base techniques. Both the vascular and functional sessions will feature several rapid-fire abstract presentations. Bringing world renown speakers together to exchange ideas and results with an international focus along with the social events around the international reception will meet the expectations of our international members more than ever.

    We created a new international ambassador program to strengthen our relationship with our core partners, appointing neurosurgeons of international renown and with ties to both their respective country or society and the CNS, providing insights and recommendations to the CNS how to tailor our engagement. Combined with active, appointed members of the International Division who attend the committee meeting this will allow us to have an increasingly tailored and finely grained approach to the country they represent. Both sides will have the benefit of learning more about the respective needs and wants. We recognize that our international strategy is not a one-size-fits-all approach and rather has to be tailored to the individual international partner. Working with the ambassadors for our core partners will allow us to engage these partners closer and bring more value to the mutual relationship.

    International membership in the CNS offers substantial benefits. Reaching out to all international neurosurgeons from all countries and training backgrounds we created a convenient and comprehensive way to access our vast repository of online educational activities and obtain recognition for participating in these activities. Building a transcript of activities every year, our international members can obtain or then maintain a certificate recognizing their participation in high-quality CNS online or live educational content and display this achievement to their colleagues and patients. Visit to learn more, sign up and start accumulating points towards your certificate.

    At the upcoming Annual Meeting of the CNS October 19-23 in San Francisco later this year we are attempting to create a unique added value for our international audience.

    With this we want to conclude and encourage our international audience—member and non-members alike—to participate and contribute. We want to hear from you and would like to have you on-board as members of the International Division.



    5:30 - 7:00 PM San Francisco Marriott Marquis

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