New stent retrievers may be superior to previous-generation mechanical thrombectomy devices for ischemic strokes

Journal of Neurosurgery

Deshaies, et al report a single-center review of 102 consecutive cases of acute stroke patients treated with mechanical thrombectomy devices from 2007-2013. The type of thrombectomy device used was significantly associated with functional independence (mRS score ≤ 2) at discharge from the hospital (p = 0.040). Solitaire-FR treatment resulted in significantly more patients being discharged as functionally independent compared to MERCI treatment (p = 0.016). Additionally, the use of Solitaire-FR significantly increased successful reperfusion rate (OR 3.247, 95% CI 1.160–9.090, p = 0.025). Given the recent IMS III, MR Rescue and SYNTHESIS results, this data underscores the need to repeat randomized studies with third generation thrombectomy devices.

Stacey Quintero Wolfe, MD
Winston-Salem, NC