Medical Student Membership

Medical Student membership is open to medical students who are enrolled in an accredited medical school. Apply today

Benefits of Medical Student Membership

The benefits of Medical Student membership include:

Medical Student membership is complimentary

Are You Eligible?

To qualify for Medical Student membership, you must be enrolled in an accredited medical school approved by the Association of American Medical Colleges, the American Osteopathic Association or the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada.

Apply for Membership Today

Applicants must submit a complete and signed Medical Student membership application and a signed letter from the Medical School Dean, Neurosurgery Department Chair or Enrollment Official that verifies enrollment and expected date of graduation. Upon approval by the CNS Membership Committee, membership is activated with notification in a welcome letter. Membership renews automatically each year and terminates upon graduation.

Apply Online


You also can download an application. For more information, contact us.