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  • Video Recording Doctor-Patient Visits to Improve Communication, HCAHPS and Press Gainey Scores

    Final Number:

    Randall W. Porter MD

    Study Design:
    Clinical Trial

    Subject Category:

    Meeting: Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2018 Annual Meeting

    Introduction: Providing patients with personalized video recordings of the doctor-patient visits to patients may be one method for improving doctor-patient communication.

    Methods: St. Joseph’s Hospital routinely sends Press Gainey surveys to patients in order to ascertain patient satisfaction with providers. In 2014, Barrow Brain and Spine began recording doctor-patient visits which are uploaded to a HIPAA secure cloud so that patients and families can re-watch the visits to better understand what the doctor said. We sought to evaluate whether Press Gainey/HCAHPS scores would be improved by recording doctor patient visits. Group A was defined as providers that offered recordings of doctor patient visits, and Group B was defined as providers that did not record doctor patient visits. Press Gainey scores were compared between the two groups.

    Results: Press Gainey surveys were sent between June 2016 and December 2017. A total of 950 surveys were completed, 338 were completed by patients that had their visits recorded, 612 were completed by patients that did not have their visits recorded. Group A patients had higher Press Gainey/HCAHPS scores in all categories. Percentile ratings for all Barrow neurosurgeons were as follows: communication with doctor 75th percentile vs. 52nd; doctor courtesy and respect – 74th percentile vs. 55th; doctor listened 76th percentile vs. 57th; doctor explained 70th percentile vs. 45th; overall physician satisfaction 81th percentile vs. 69th; time spent with patient 62th percentile vs. 53rd; physician concern 79th percentile vs. 65th; physician kept you informed 71th percentile vs. 54th; friendliness and courtesy 85th percentile vs. 63rd; skill of physician 94th percentile vs. 94th.

    Conclusions: Physicians that choose to video record doctor-patient conversations and provide them to patients and family for online viewing achieve higher Press Gainey/HCAHPS physician satisfaction scores in all categories despite the perception of equal skill.

    Patient Care: Recording office visits improves doctor patient communication and improves HCAHPs scores.

    Learning Objectives: Identify problems with doctor patient communication. Identify implications of poor doctor patient communication. Demonstrate the impact of video recording doctor patient visits.

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