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  • The modern marketing methods of improving healthcare facilities

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    Emil Zhalmukhamedov M.D Candidate

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    Meeting: Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2018 Annual Meeting - Late Breaking Science

    Introduction: There are numerous ways to improve the healthcare facility, but one of the most challenging is marketing and promotion. This study is prepared by expertly assessing the latest technology and its effectiveness available for the B2C (Business-To-Consumers) organizations and healthcare facilities.

    Methods: An overview of various marketing methods has been observed in B2C organizations, where non-traditional marketing drove the highest ROI through digital marketing mix implemented by me. The digital marketing mix includes: website, blog/content, social media and mobile marketing. The most important part of effective modern marketing for healthcare facilities is to have optimized and consumer friendly virtual properties, and proper utilization of each one of them. Virtual properties could be identified as website, blog and social media. These properties are proven to be the most effective ones for the interaction with patients and general public. Some hospitals are still struggling to improve their online image, and these hospitals tend to be from the underserved communities or public hospitals.

    Results: By marketing and advertising the healthcare facility, the facility is not only generates awareness about hospital, but it also earns the trust from the present and future patients. Patients that are treated at particular hospital with good outcome, later on become a free brand voice for the facility they’ve been treated, which can reduce general marketing spend, as this becomes a referral marketing tool. Practicing marketing implementations online saves more money and generates better ROI for healthcare facilities in the modern day and age.

    Conclusions: I surveyed 20 people who are between ages 20 – 55 on their experience with the clinic they attend. Both males and females of this category are owners of ios (IPhone, IPad) and android (Samsung, Motorola etc.). During survey on preference of the clinic, they pointed out to the ads found on Google (40%) and social media ads (60%) influenced their decision on choice of clinic. They said it’s important for them to find the clinic at the click of a button and when they are able to find relevant information or reviews from people online.

    Patient Care: It will allow patients to find appropriate healthcare facility at the click of a button.

    Learning Objectives: Digital presence of any neurosurgical facility is crucial for future growth and positive ROI.

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