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  • "Capac ñan" Stairway Fashion Hemilaminectomy. A New Minimally Invasive Multilevel Option to Treatment of Cervical Stenosis. A Study with 36 Months of Follow-up.

    Final Number:

    Carlos Fernando Arias Pesantez MD

    Study Design:
    Clinical Trial

    Subject Category:

    Meeting: Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2017 Annual Meeting

    Introduction: There are many options to decompress the cervical spine on posterior way in multilevel disease, however the muscular injury and instrumentation is a big problem in traditional surgery, the minimally invasive procedures can achieve optimal decompression without muscle injury, preserving the posterior ligamentous tension band with less pain, bleeding and hospitalization, providing improvement in short time.

    Methods: : We present an study with 15 patients with symptoms of multilevel cervical stenosis and MRI shows multilevel stenosis too, All the patients underwent minimally invasive uniportal multilevel decompression. We use VAS, Neck Disability index and Nurick clinical scale with follow up of 24 and 36 months. We made POP early ( 2 weeks) MRI and dynamics rx.

    Results: The Vas preop was mean 9 and 2 on 24 monts. Neck Disability index was 20 preop , 10 POP 24 months and 8 POP 36 months. The Nurick clinical scale shows improvement of one time line. The surgical time was mean 22 min(mean) each level, blood lose 11cc (mean) each level, hospital discharge on 23 hours after surgery and return to daily activities mean 10 days.

    Conclusions: The “Capac Ñan” starway fashion minimally invasive hemilaminectomy procedure can be safe and efective to decompress a cervical spinal cord on multilevel disease without instability, muscular injury and let a better time to recovery and return to daily activities. We need more experience to make a final conclusions.

    Patient Care: Its an ambulatory option with less morbidity and good postoperative results

    Learning Objectives: Learn about other minimally invasive options to treatment of cervical stenosis


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