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  • Spinal Hydatid Cyst Disease: Challenging Surgery—an Institutional Experience

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    Yusuf Sukru Caglar; Onur Ozgural; Murat Zaimoglu MD; Cemil Kilinç; Ümit Eroglu; Ihsan Dogan MD; Gokmen Kahilogullari MD, PhD

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    Clinical Trial

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    Meeting: Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2017 Annual Meeting

    Introduction: Hydatid cyst disease is caused by the parasite Echinococcus granulosus. It is rarely seen in the vertebral system, occurring at a rate of 0.2%–1%.

    Methods: 12 cases of spinal hydatid cysts, multiple operations, chronic recurrences, and spinal hydatic cyst excision methods are discussed in the context of the literature. In all cases, surgery was performed, with the aim of total excision of the cyst, decompression of the spinal cord, and if necessary, stabilization of the spinal column.

    Results: Although a spinal hydatid cyst is a benign pathology and seen rarely, it is extremely difficult to achieve a real cure for patients with this disease.

    Conclusions: Treatment modalities should be aggressive and include total excision of the cyst without rupture, decompression, flushing of the area with scolicidal drugs, and ensuring spinal stabilization.

    Patient Care: This research will improve the neurosurgeon's ability to treat spinal hydatid cyst disease. This is a challenging disease and requires spinal hydatic cyst excision, decompression of the spinal cord, stabilization of the spinal column and antibiotic treatment. This study offers a unique way of draining the cyst cavity.

    Learning Objectives: 1) Spinal hydatid cyst disease treatment should be aggressive and include total excision of the cyst without rupture, decompression, flushing of the area with scolicidal drugs, and ensuring spinal stabilization. 2)The surgeon dealing with spinal hydatid cyst infection should remember to administer albendazole treatment before surgery. 3)Secondary wound infection is the most common morbidity after surgery. Postoperative antibiotics and wound care should be applied with utmost care.

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