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  • The TREVO Registry-Subgroup Analysis, Treatment Beyond 6 Hours

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    Mandy Jo Binning MD; Erol Veznedaroglu MD; Ronald Budzik; Joey English; Blaise Baxter; Bruno Bartolini; David S. Liebeskind MD; Antonin Krajina; Rishi Gupta MD; Raul G. Nogueira MD

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    Meeting: Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2017 Annual Meeting

    Introduction: Current randomized trials demonstrating superiority of mechanical thrombectomy for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke for anterior circulation large vessel occlusion, have enrolled patients with symptom onset up to 6 hours. Outcomes of thrombectomy beyond 6 hours have not been well studied. The Trevo Registry is designed to assess real world outcomes of the Trevo Retriever in patients experiencing acute ischemic stroke. Trevo registry has currently enrolled 1431 patients with 90-day outcome data. Outcomes of patients treated beyond 6 hours of symptom onset were studied.

    Methods: The study design is a prospective, open-label, consecutive enrollment, multi-center, global registry of all patients who undergo mechanical thrombectomy for acute stroke using the Trevo stent retriever as the initial device. Enrollment is expected to reach 2000 subjects at up to 100 sites. Subgroup analysis of enrolled patients treated beyond 6 hours of symptom onset and with 90-day follow-up was performed.

    Results: As of March 24, 2017, a total of 1846 total patients were enrolled. Median NIHSS at admission was 15.5 (IQR 11-20). The majority of patients (67.4%) were treated at 6 hours or less from last known normal with a median procedure time of 50 minutes (8-286 minutes). In patients treated after 6 hours from time last known well, the revascularization rate was 93.7% with symptomatic ICH of 1.8% and 90-day mRS =2 was 51.8%. Subgroup analysis of patients presenting within 6 hours and those presenting beyond 6 hours showed no significant difference in patient demographics or medical comorbidities. There was no difference in complication rate or 90-day outcome between the two groups.

    Conclusions: The Trevo Retriever Registry represents the first look at real world data with stent retriever use in the era of clinical trials showing the overwhelming benefit of stent retrievers to treat acute ischemic stroke. This data represents real world use of the Trevo Retriever including those treated beyond 6 hours after stroke symptoms (33.8%), and this data adds to the results from recent trials with restricted eligibility criteria.

    Patient Care: by teaching that some patients may be candidates for intervention beyond 6 hours

    Learning Objectives: Stroke intervention beyond 6 hours of symptom onset can be safe in carefully selected patients


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