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  • Correlation Between Press Ganey Scores and Quality Outcomes from N2QOD (Lumbar Spine) for a Hospital Employed Neurosurgical Practice

    Final Number:

    William C. Olivero MD; Dorla Vinson RN; Charles Pierce BS/MS; Sarah Trumbull

    Study Design:

    Subject Category:

    Meeting: Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2017 Annual Meeting

    Introduction: Press Ganey is a national organization which supplies data to hospitals and clinics regarding patient satisfaction. They contend that patient satisfaction can be used as a surrogate for health care quality and outcomes. N2QOD is a national registry for neurosurgical procedures that tracks a variety of quality indicators and outcomes.

    Methods: We compared Press Ganey scores for 4 hospital employed neurosurgeons whose primary practice involves spinal surgery to their results from N2QOD for lumbar surgery(over 75 % of surgical volume involves the lumbar surgery)

    Results: We found a negative correlation between Press Ganey scores and the quality outcomes for lumbar surgery. For example those metrics involving patient satisfaction on N2QOD(Met, Not as much as hoped,Would not undergo, Same or worse.) The surgeon with the lowest Press Ganey scores had the best outcomes( 0 percent would not undergo or were worse) and the surgeon with the highest Press Ganey scores had the worst outcomes(38 percent would not undergo or were worse).

    Conclusions: We found a negative correlation between Press Ganey scores and quality outcomes for lumbar surgery as measured by N2QOD.

    Patient Care: Allow patients to understand the validity of Press Ganey Scores

    Learning Objectives: Understand the realtionship between Press Ganey scores and quality outcomes


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