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  • The Surgical Outcome of Children with Asymptomatic Tethered Cord Syndrome

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    Toshitaka Seki MD, PhD; Kazutoshi Hida MD, PhD; Kiyohiro Houkin

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    Meeting: Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2017 Annual Meeting

    Introduction: Out of 43 patients who underwent surgical treatment for tethered cord syndrome (TCS) from 1990 to 2015, the surgical outcome of 14 patients with asymptomatic TCS was discussed.

    Methods: The subjects were nine boys and five girls with asymptomatic TCS.

    Results: Monthly at the time of surgery was 0 to 66 months (mean 28.6 months, median 28.5 months), and follow-up period was 16 to 231 months (mean 124.9 months, median 128.5 months). Spinal cord lipoma in 12 patients (dorsal type: 7 patients, caudal type: 2 patients, and filar type: 3 patients). Furthermore, meningocele and thickened filum terminale were admitted in each case, respectively. Lumbosacral skin lesion, such as skin recession or human tail showed In 11 patients. The neurological symptoms were observed at the final follow-up observation in two patients.

    Conclusions: The surgical results of asymptomatic TCS were examined in 14 patients. In 11 patients, some lumbosacral skin lesions were recognized, and it was thought that it was necessary to actively TCS in cases of abnormal skin abnormality of lumbosacral region. In 2 of 14 patients (14%), neurological symptoms were observed at the final follow-up observation, but prophylactic surgery for asymptomatic TCS was considered to be effective. Furthermore, until the growth period passed, it seems that regular follow-up observation is necessary so as not to miss a slight change.

    Patient Care: Early diagnosis and early surgical treatment can prevent the appearance of neurological symptoms.

    Learning Objectives: consider the effectiveness of prophylactic surgery for asymptomatic tethered cord syndrome.


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