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  • Fighting The Double Edged Scalpel of Aging and Neurosurgery.

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    Walter J Levy MD, AMMG, Cenegenics

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    Meeting: Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2017 Annual Meeting - Late Breaking Science

    Introduction: In other diseases, the healthy Dr. fights for the ailing patient. But with Aging, both may battle the problem and it’s effects, particularly for Neurosurgery. Needs for Neurosurgeons are predicted to increase dramatically. perhaps double with the aging population, report some studies, and therefore preservation of long learned and invaluable skills is in many ways priceless. In the last decade, substantial and encouraging research advances have been made for aging, but in order for the risks for the aging surgeon and patient to be minimized, there is a need for both continuous attention to implementing the improvements in medical Age Management Medicine , and a personal commitment to making best use of what can be done to protect the surgeon and the specialty for best outcome for all. Fortunately, the rapid increase in the rate of treatment options is promising, with some important effects. But to benefit optimally, it requires attention across discipline lines in an already busy schedule.

    Methods: I evaluate many proposed treatments clinically,with a critical attention and patient charts, but am not an investigator in controlled studies. I did much clinical and basic research, including the work in development of Motor Evoked Potentials & related tests, worked on and published one of the first implanted cortical arrays, and initiated and published on first demonstrations of axonal severance with reconnection with axoplasmic transport restored with a video enhancing microscope, funded by APA prior to a severe illness that redirected my attention to this topic.

    Results: This short review shows reports that substantive aging problems can be reduced, and aspects of aging ameliorated to a useful degree, in a now rapidly advancing field. The overlap with Neurosurgery is potentially a powerful combination.

    Conclusions: Better progress is likely, and not only can the patient benefit, but the surgeon for personal health, and improved patient treatment. A worthy goal from diligent efforts.

    Patient Care: Some patients already pursue this path, but in my experience the percentage is low. Many simple steps can help them, seems few are advised, fewer explained. Certainly patients will benefit from Neurosurgeons who have minimized aging effects for the precision, optimising judgement and endurance that surgery requires. It can broaden the patients regimen for better healing that surgery requires for best results Finally, I find some vigorously pursue this tract once they become involved in it.

    Learning Objectives: The challenges of aging, current methods to ameliorate them, and the direction of the multiple disciplines involved.

    References: Textbook of Age Management Medicine Leake and Greenberg, 2015 Vol 1&2 plus other specific references with poster handout.

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