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  • Fracture odontoid and its management

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    Prakash Gokaldas Modha MD

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    Meeting: Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2017 Annual Meeting - Late Breaking Science

    Introduction: Odontoid fracture occurs in 15% of cervical spine injury. good clinical out come can be achieved by doing anterior single lag screw fixation in type 2 odontoid fracture.

    Methods: we have followed the Anderson D`Alonzo`s classification, 22 cases of type 2 Odontoid fracture were selected.Plane X-Ray of cervical spine Ap with open mouth and lateral views,CT-scan of CV junction and MRI cervical spine was done.

    Results: Immediate fixation of fracture. preserves normal mobility of C1-C2. HIGH RATE OF FUSION. Improvement of pain.

    Conclusions: Single screw fixation provides immediate stabilisation of Odontoid fracture.

    Patient Care: By doing anterior single screw fixation immediate stabilisation of Odontoid fracture and early mobilisation can be achieved.

    Learning Objectives: If fracture is not reduced properly then K- wire can go anywhere in soft tissues,must remain in midline. must have good IITV. Associated subluxation must be treated by posterior approach.


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