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  • Characteristics of a Hybrid Picture Archiving and Communication System Serving a Neurosurgical Facility

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    Carolina Martins MD PhD; Thalita Santos RN; Luiz Roberto Aguiar MD; Marcelo Valença MD; Valdenice Melo RN; Gilberto Falbo; Caio Souza-Leão MD

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    Meeting: Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2014 Annual Meeting

    Introduction: Hospital Pelópidas Silveira (HPS-IMIP-SES-SUS) is a 300-bed, neuro-specialized facility in Northeast-Brazil. BIC-HPS is a web-based, hybrid picture archive and communication system designed to store clinical images of patients and serve as a research databank. To describe the requirements and characteristics of a hybrid picture archive and communication system to serve a neurosurgical facility.

    Methods: Specific needs for a web-based, hybrid picture archive system have been devised and compared to the literature.

    Results: Information technology and software allow for storage of clinical images. This process ensure quick access to clinical images into a medical facility, guarantees longevity of data and, following ethical principles, can comprise an appropriate databank for research. Images stored can be measured/compared, reconstructed/analyzed on its anatomical, clinical, pathological and anthropological aspects. The requirements and characteristics of such a system to attend the needs of a neuro facility should be divided to include a) Infrastructure, b) Capture, c) Visualization, d) Storage, e) Retrieval of images.

    Conclusions: This study can provide useful information to foster creation of other collections of scientific interest in the neurosurgical field.

    Patient Care: A hybrid picture archiving and communication system provides for expedite patient care and can be used as a databank for neurosurgical research and innovation.

    Learning Objectives: 1. Understand the fundamentals of a picture archiving system useful for assistance and research in neurosurgery 2. List the characteristics of a hybrid picture archiving and communication system to serve a neuro facility

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