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  • Minimally Invasive Throacolumbar Corpectomies. Radiological and Clinical Outcomes

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    Sudhir Dubey MCh; Ravi Thakkar

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    Meeting: Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2013 Annual Meeting

    Introduction: Minimally Invasive techniques are increasingly being used for more complex spinal cases. Corpectomies are such cases where role of minimally invasive techniques remains to be established. We present the feasibility and effectiveness of minimally invasive Thoracolumbar corpectomies with radiological and clinical outcome

    Methods: All patients coming to our hospital and having traumatic, pathological fractures and other ventral pathologies of thoracolumbar spine with neural compression and/or unstable spine and underwent corpectomies were included in the study. Pre and post operative clinical and radiological evaluations were done.

    Results: 25 patients were operated from November 2009 till November 2012 out of which 12 were dorsal and 13 were lumbar corpectomies. Mean blood loss was 350ml that is far better than conventional corpectomies and mean operating time was 185minutes with only 25% patients receiving blood transfusion. There was significant improvement in the VAS scores and Oswestry scores.Radiological improvement in vertebral body height and sagittal balance was seen

    Conclusions: : Minimally invasive approaches for corpectomies of thoracolumbar spine have excellent results owing to less tissue dissection and blood loss and reduced operative times . Hemodynamic deterioration was prevented and with excellent pain relief.Radiological improvement in vertebral body height and sagittal balance was seen

    Patient Care: Help to establish role of minimally invasive corpectomies. Also raise questions on which types of cases are best treated in this way

    Learning Objectives: Minimally invasive technique can be used for corpectomies. They have better clinical outcomes. Radiological outcomes are similar to open cases


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