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  • Mutation Analysis of IDH in Paired Gliomas Revealed IDH Mutation Is Not Associated with Malignant Progression but Predicts Longer Survival

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    Yu Yao; Aden Ka-Yin Chan; Zhi Yong Qin; Lingchao Chen MD; Xin Zhang; Jesse Chung-Sean Pang; Hiu Ming Li; Yin Wang; Ying Mao MD; Ho-Keung NG; Liang fu Zhou

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    Meeting: Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2013 Annual Meeting

    Introduction: Recurrence and progression to higher grade lesions are characteristic behaviors of gliomas. Though IDH1 mutation frequently occurs and is considered as an early event in gliomagenesis, little is known about its role in the recurrence and progression of gliomas.

    Methods: We analysed IDH status at codon 132 of IDH1 and codon 172 of IDH2 by direct sequencing and anti-IDH1-R132H immunohistochemistry in 53 paired samples and their recurrences, including 29 LGGs, 16 anaplastic gliomas and 8 GBM.

    Results: IDH mutation was detected in 32 primary tumours, including 26 LGGs and 6 anaplastic gliomas. All of the paired tumours showed consistent IDH status. Patients were analyzed according to IDH status and tumor-related factors. Malignant progression at recurrence was noted in 31 gliomas and was not associated with IDH mutation. Survival analysis revealed patients with IDH mutated gliomas had a significantly longer progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS).

    Conclusions: In conclusion, this study demonstrated the consistent nature of IDH status during progression of glioma. IDH mutation was not a predictive marker for malignant progression and it was a potential prognostic marker for gliomas of Chinese patients.

    Patient Care: Our study revealed that IDH1 mutation was not associated with malignant progression but was a potential prognostic marker for progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS) in astrocytomas.

    Learning Objectives: To explore the role of IDH1 mutation in the recurrence and progression of gliomas.


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