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  • "MARTYN" Modeled Anatomical Replica for Training Young Neurosurgeons

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    Mary Murphy MB BCh BAO FRCS(SN); Claudia Craven; Jonathan Jewell; Cooke Martyn; David Baxter

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    Meeting: Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2012 Annual Meeting

    Introduction: Simulated learning is an increasing feature in surgery across the board. We have developped a model head for the purposes of teaching young neurosurgeons. The model has the benefits of being cheap to make ($50 per head), anatomically correct and cleaner/safer than cadaveric material.

    Methods: A completely synthetic anatomically correct model head "martyn" has been developed and trialled in lieu of cadaveric material to teach trainee neurosurgeons surgery for trauma.

    Results: After conducting a range of operations on "MARTYN" 4 trainers and 16 trainees completed a questionnaire on its efficacy and suitability as a tool for training junior surgeons. The Model was very favourably received and many felt it was superior to cadaveric material for the purposes of training in the context of neurotrauma.

    Conclusions: It is possible to model the human skull and brain to sufficiently high standards to facilitate simulated emergency neurosurgical training.

    Patient Care: It will make emergency surgery for trauma safer in the hands of junior trainees.

    Learning Objectives: To effectively simulate emergency neurosurgery in the laboratory environment to increase trainee familiarity and competence with basic neurosurgical procedures


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