Christopher C. Getch Fellowship

Award Amount

Up to $100,000


The Christopher C. Getch fellowship aims to help post-residency neurosurgeons and fellows obtain advanced training in the clinical application of scientific knowledge related to neurosurgical practice. In fulfillment of the CNS Mission to advance health and improve lives worldwide, the Christopher C. Getch fellowship is granted to a neurosurgeon or fellow engaged in clinical research that promises to significantly impact the field of neurosurgery.


The fellowship is open to all senior neurosurgical residents, attending neurosurgeons and post-residency neurosurgical fellows in the United States, Canada or Mexico. The fellow will spend one year in formal clinical training under the direction of a specific sponsor.

Eligible Expenses

The amount of support will depend on the location and duration of the fellowship. Budget support of up to $100,000 is available. Detailed budget justification and an account of expenses incurred following completion of the fellowship are required. Fellows will not be paid extra salary support that is already covered by the clinical residency program. Fellowship funds may not be used for indirect costs. Indirect costs represent the expenses of doing business that are not readily identified within a fellowship, but are necessary for the general operation of the fellowship. Examples include but are not limited to: administrative staff, rent, utilities, equipment rental, telephone, postage and printing, and miscellaneous office supplies. In addition to the budgeted expenses, the CNS will extend complimentary CNS Annual Meeting registration.

Application Requirements

Complete the application requirements listed below:

  1. Complete the online CNS Fellowship Application form.
  2. Include a detailed description of the grant project.
  3. Include applicant's curriculum vitae.
  4. Include personal statement detailing the reasons for pursuing the fellowship and plans thereafter.
  5. Include detailed budget plan for the proposed fellowship expenses and salary justification costs.
  6. Attach a letter of support written by the proposed sponsor and a biographical sketch of the sponsor.
  7. If the applicant is a resident, attach a letter from the program director supporting the application. In addition, residents must print a copy of the confirmation page in Section One of the application and obtain the signature of their program director to be mailed or faxed to the CNS.
  8. Attach two letters of support from neurosurgeons or other professional medical references familiar with the applicant and his/her goals and commitment.
  9. Attach any reprints of previous publications by the applicant that are pertinent to the application.
  10. Attach a headshot photograph.
  11. Apply for Membership to the CNS.

Applications for the 2018 Fellowship Application are not yet available. Check back mid-2017 for further details. 


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