Essential Papers in Neurosurgery, Volume 1: Neuro-oncology

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The Congress of Neurological Surgeons’ Essential Papers in Neurosurgery: Neuro-oncology, is equally suited for students, residents, practicing neurosurgeons, neurologists, and any health care professional who is involved in the care of patients with brain tumors. The body of literature covered in this book has, in many ways, defined gold standards of neurosurgical practice, and is a must have for every student of neurosurgery and neuroscience.

Essential Papers in Neurosurgery, Volume 1: Neuro-oncology

This book is the first volume of a multivolume subspecialty series on essential papers in neurosurgery. The series brings a unique collection of critically appraised neurosurgical papers to the neurosurgical and neuroscience community and sheds light on some of the most impactful studies in the history of neurosurgery. The project is rooted in the culture of evidence-based medicine and data-driven decision making.

Ten papers that have shaped the practice of neurosurgical oncology as we know it today were selected for review. Paper selection followed a rigorous process. A list of the most cited papers for each topic section was com­piled and provided to the section editors. The section editors then selected the final papers to be included based on relevance. One paper in every section was selected on historical merits. Each paper was reviewed by a panel of two experts who provided editorials evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the paper as well as the impact it had on the editorialists’ personal practice of neurosurgery. For each paper, the two editorials are followed by a summation editorial that reconciles conflicting points and reiterates the take-home message of the paper. The summation editorials were written by the section editors.

Series editors: Drs. Najib El Tecle, MD and Bernard Bendok, MD

Tumor Section Editors: Steven Kalkanis, MD, and Ganesh Rao, MD

Editorial Board: Rami James N. Aoun, MD; Nicholas C. Bambakidis, MD; Zoher Ghogawala, MD; Russell R. Lonser, MD; Daniel K. Resnick, MD; Alan M. Scarrow, MD; Nathaniel R. Selden, MD, PhD; Clemens M. Schirmer, MD.