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  • Collaborate with your peers and get an outsider's perspective of your cases at this year's interactive Case-based Sessions. Submit your case for the opportunity to be featured at one of the Operative Techniques and Case-based Discussion Sessions on Monday, October 18 and Tuesday, October 19.

    You’ll hear and see alternative, and sometimes opposing, management and surgical approaches that will immediately impact your practice and patient care.

    Submit your case by July 15, 2021.

    Submission categories:

    • Multimodality AVM Treatment
    • Spinal Deformity and MIS Surgery
    • Neurotrauma
    • Spinal Cord Stimulation
    • Stereotactic EEG
    • Progression vs. Pseudo Progression in GBM
    • Epilepsy Case Discussions
    • Peripheral Nerve
    • Aneurysm Treatment
    • Management of Osteomyelitis and Discitis
    • Pain: Alternative Therapies to Spinal Cord Stimulation
    • Shunt Infection Management: Do All Shunts Still Need to Be Explanted?
    • Recurrent Meningioma Management
    • Cases of DBS for Psychiatric Disorders
    • Peripheral Nerves Task Force: Evidence on Procedures


    Submit Your Case

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